About Us

Our Company is one of the nation's oldest in the liquid liner protective coating industry and is the developer of "SOUND GUARD", the original protective coating for the light and sound industry. 

Our engineers have created the state-of-the-art products that cover and protect boat decks and platforms at sea, protective coatings for large expensive industrial equipment, and protective coatings for the light and sound industry that not only deliver maximum protection, but also beautify.

Through out the years you've asked for better buying flexibility and for colors -- I'm glad to say we now deliver both.  Sound Guard Coating can now be purchased in quantities as small as just one case and in colors....semi-gloss black with or without grit, antique white without grit and sky blue with grit.  We would love the opportunity to prove our worth to your light and sound business.

Our products are utilized in commercial, industrial, agricultural, military, sound and custom applications.  With spray elastomers polyurethanes and polyureas we are the leaders in this industry!

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